Alumni Goals

Alumni Goals

The SCC Alumni Association is dedicated to supporting alumni, students and the college by carrying out the following goals:

Build and Maintain a Network to Support SCC Alumni Career Advancement

Four-year universities always promote their alumni network as a means to provide job opportunities for graduates.  SCC can do this as well since we have a huge network of alumni in Solano County and the surrounding areas. We want to take advantage of this network by encouraging local companies to seek out SCC alumni when recruiting for positions, and likewise, to promote job opportunities and internships for current and former students.

Enable Mentoring of Students by Alumni

Several programs at SCC have formal mentoring programs.  We’d like to expand the number of these programs to engage alumni from a wide variety of career fields.  This may be as simple as speaking to a class, participating in a job shadowing program, or corresponding/meeting individually with students in your career field.  Let us know if you’re interested in being a mentor.

Celebrate Alumni Accomplishments and Community Service

The success of an educational institution is often measured by the accomplishments of its alumni.  By telling their story, and through their association with SCC, alumni can enhance the reputation of SCC, and inspire current students to complete their academic studies as a means to achieve a successful career in a field of their choice.

Reconnect Alumni with Their Classmates, Friends, and Current SCC Activities

We’re working to build and maintain a social media network to let alumni know about the great news happening at SCC. We’re also planning fun social events like the SCC Crab & Shrimp Feed to reconnect alumni with professors and classmates. Consider joining our alumni social media network and look for the upcoming alumni events. Also, let us know what types of events would be of interest to you.

Provide Financial Support to SCC Students and the College

Alumni Associations have the power of numbers. Small donations by thousands of alumni can make a huge impact. SCC may have provided you an educational opportunty you never thought was possible. So please consider helping the next generation of SCC students by making a gift today to our “Pay It Forward” program.

Education is a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime, so Pay It Forward and Provide a Helping Hand Up to the Next Generation of SCC Students!