About The “A Team”

The “A Team”

Student Interns Marketing SCC and the Alumni Association

The “A Team” is the SCC Alumni Association marketing program undertaken by SCC student interns. The team will work under the direction of the Alumni Committee from the SCC Educational Foundation and SCC faculty and staff. The goal is to promote SCC and enhance alumni engagements and giving by communicating success stories of alumni and College programs. The channels of communication will be digital social media, email marketing, video production, and all forms of written and graphic communication.

A Team members will gain real world experience as a member of a marketing team focused on Solano Community College as the client. Student interns must be able to work collaboratively in a team environment, and carry out individual assignments in a timely manner.

The A Team will consist of a small group of students (4-6) working on a regular weekly schedule at the SCC Fairfield campus during each academic semester. Students majoring and/or taking classes in communications, journalism, marketing, business, graphic design & illustration, photography, video production and/or sports broadcasting are encouraged to apply.

The Value of an Internship

An internship will help you get a better job! Studies have shown that working in your field of choice while attending College increases your job prospects. This makes sense as we all know it’s hard to get a foot in the door if you don’t have any experience related to a job you’re applying for. Investing your time and talent in an internship shows perspective employers that you’re committed to the profession and have learned the basic tasks of the job. You’ll be more productive from the start because you have practical experience beyond your College studies. The SCC Alumni Committee members directing the A Team understand the value of internships, and they want to help you jump start your career!

How to Apply

A list of A Team tasks is shown below. For more information, send a message to curt.johnston@solano.edu or eileen.amick@solano.edu.  Mr. Johnston will lead the A Team together with working professionals from the SCC Educational Foundation Alumni Committee. Students interested in becoming a member of the A Team must send a resume and/or interest letter showing relevant academic and/or job experience to Eileen Amick at the SCC Educational Foundation office (Library Bldg., Room 145, eileen.amick@solano.edu, 707-864-7199).

Students qualified for Federal Work Study will receive funds up to their allotted amount per hour as determined by the SCC Financial Aid Office. Ms. Amick can help you with this.

Also, students may be eligible for grant compensation through the Workforce Development Board of Solano County. For information about this program, contact Jennifer Williams (jwilliams@solanowdb.org or call (707) 863-3587).

Alternatively, students may be eligible for academic credit through the SCC Occupational Education program. Contact Debra Barrett (Debra.Berrett@solano.edu, or call 707-864-7139).

A Team Assignments – Marketing Tasks

Working as a team, the following assignments will be carried out by the A Team. While each team member will be exposed to these tasks as part of group discussions and assignments, it is understood that individual members will have an area of focus or individual assignments based on their academic major and professional interests:

    • Research background of SCC to understand the market position of the College, past marketing efforts, and the strength of various programs, etc. Review the vision and goals for the SCC Alumni Association, and resources available for marketing, such as alumni website and blog, Constant Contact, and the Donor Perfect alumni database.
    •  Analyze the potential market segments represented within the current SCC Alumni database. Prepare SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Constraints) for SCC Alumni Association marketing effort, and review marketing programs at other community colleges.
    • Document the brand identity and core marketing messages to guide the work of the A Team. Maintain that brand throughout the development of marketing materials.
    • Determine goals and objectives for A Team productivity (inputs), and results such as alumni engagement and financial contributions (outputs).
    • Develop a marketing plan for the A Team to achieve the identified goals and to carry out the brand identity. Consider the need for segmenting and targeting various alumni groups to enhance results. Determine available methods to measure results.
    • Work with the team to establish and adhere to publication deadlines and distribute content on a regular and continual basis keeping social media accounts up to date.
    • Collect information from sources and contributors by researching online and soliciting potential stories from SCC alumni, faculty, and students. Interview contributors and ask appropriate questions in order to write engaging and relevant content.
    • Write and edit text, create graphics to accompany text, convert photographs and drawings into digital images and then manipulate those images and design page layouts. In this process, use computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator to produce publication-ready material.
    • Use cameras and video production equipment to film, create and edit video content for digital outlets. Obtain authorization to use stories and photographs before publishing.
    • Maintain an up-to-date webpage and blog for the Alumni Association using Word Press.
    • Measure results on a weekly and monthly basis to determine successes and failures. Adjust marketing messages and techniques as information is generated. At the end of a semester, review progress relative to goals established at the beginning of the term.